Lendonwood Gardens has held community workdays each spring and fall for about 15 years, but things will be different this season – thanks to COVID-19. Instead of one day with 50-75 volunteers “putting the garden to bed,” there will be multiple “mini-workdays” with a small team working on a specific project and practicing social distancing.

Jim Reynolds, workday coordinator, said, “It’s just the right thing to do, given our risk level here in Grove and Delaware County. While the garden’s needs remain significant, we are unwilling to jeopardize the health of any of our volunteers.”

In some ways, he said, the mini-workdays may be more convenient for volunteers, because scheduling can be arranged according to their available dates. “Although we’ll miss the large gatherings, downsizing makes sense this year.”

Several projects have been identified to help prepare the garden for winter.  Examples include repairing fence posts, cleaning the Japanese Pavilion, clearing the Children’s Garden, pruning trees, picking up branches, weeding and planting, cutting back ornamental grasses, cleaning, and painting the American Backyard Gazebo, and repairing benches, among other tasks.

Workdays at Lendonwood do not require gardening expertise, just a willingness to pitch in. There are jobs for volunteers of any age and ability.

Reynolds noted that working in the garden provides people with an outdoor option for exercise, especially during the current pandemic.

 Volunteers interested in helping out on any of the projects should contact Reynolds at 918-645-8458 or 918-786-2938 for more information. As usual, workers will meet at the barn near the garden’s back entrance to coordinate activities.