The “Wake Up the Garden” spring workday at Lendonwood Gardens has been postponed, due to coronavirus concerns.  Originally scheduled for Saturday, March 28, the event will either be re-scheduled or broken into individual small-group projects over several days.

“Our first priority is the health and well-being of our volunteers,” said Jim Reynolds, workday coordinator.  “While open-air events would seem to be safer than indoor activities, out of an abundance of caution, we felt it advisable to postpone or cancel the larger event.”

Instead, Reynolds said, “we hope to recruit small teams to work on selected dates on specific tasks that do not involve close proximity among many individuals.”  Each of the “mini-workdays” would focus on a particular project, such as clearing downed limbs, weeding, repairing pathways, tilling children’s garden, and many others.

The need to prepare the garden for summer visitors remains, he said.  “The new plan would provide volunteers with an outdoor option for exercise, as well as help get Lendonwood ready for the tourist season.”

Workdays at Lendonwood do not require gardening expertise, just a willingness to pitch in.  There are jobs for volunteers of any age and ability.